Fighting in the Online Price War


E-commerce is definitely the new mode of global business because this format does not contain insurmountable logistical barriers, meaning customers can easily consumer any kind of product from any region of the planet, as long as the desire to consume more the price set be consistent with the buyer’s reality.

In another vision, for a virtual shopkeeper, hundreds of thousands were created in the future and in the future will be thousands of direct and indirect competitors. Due to there are numerous factors like taxes, subsidies, labor, exchange rate policy, among other factors. The simple competition of the price of the product ends with a shopkeeper because it directly undermines the final profit margin, which determines the health of most companies.

There are already virtual stores that are offering price comparison of their competitors directly within their own product page to show the best low price condition, this is a strategy for large mass consumers who are only concerned about the amount spent and not with purchase set.

It is very difficult for new and average virtual shopkeepers to win in this battle through low price because financial resources are often extremely limited and simply absorb additional costs like: freight, gifts, better deals with suppliers, better financial rates not always it’s possible.

However, these same great warriors of low prices to guarantee this strong competitive factor, carry out cost cuts in all areas, be it hiring unskilled labor, outsourcing service, eliminating processes. It is exactly at this point that a new shopkeeper can be supportive, seeking to offer a slightly higher and attractive price, coupled with a range of special services. Customers expect to pay fair prices for the product sales service.

Another tactic is to show customers their unique differences when negotiating with customers by encouraging them to share their experiences with the company. On the internet are offered hundreds of options, which will differentiate these options more and more, are the recommendations of people of known, who assist in the decision making to make a transaction in this sea of stores.

The low price is still the biggest factor during a decision of an online purchase, however this scenario is changing mainly aimed at aggregating services during a sale, from quick delivery, offering consulting, personalized service, troubleshooting solutions. The investment in virtual stores not focused on low price is a return that will occur from the maturation of Brazilian electronic commerce.