Breast Cancer – Don’t Let it Stop You From Wearing Your Bikini!

breast cancerCancer that develops in the breast tissues is known as breast cancer. This cancer affects male as well as females, but it is not very common in men. Every year, many new cases of the cancer come forward. In the year 2014, 232,670 women in the United States suffered from breast cancer and 40,000 died.

There are many breast cancer awareness programs that are dedicated to teach the women about this disease. But it turned out that even the women with the cancer are not very much aware about their condition.

Recently, a study was published which showed that women with breast cancer are unaware of the type of tumor they have. Researchers of this study said that knowing the tumor is not related to worse outcomes but knowingness can help in understanding the condition better and also it is beneficial in taking medications. It builds the trust of the patient in the treatment.

The Study:

In this study, 500 women from northern California were questioned about their breast cancers. They were diagnosed with the disease in 2010 and 2011. These women were asked about the stage and growth of tumor. They were also interviewed whether they know about human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 or that cancer fed off estrogen hormone.

The Results:

Among these women, 32 percent to 82 percent self reported that they knew what these things were which they were questioned about but only 20 percent to 58 percent woman answered correctly. It was found that Hispanic and black women knew less than white women about their cancers. Health literacy helped in understanding the disease afterwards.

The Conclusion:

The study suggested that there is a critical need to improve the education of the patients related to cancer. A patient must know why any treatment is necessary and what decision is right to make. The authors of the study stated that knowing the disease and the treatment increases the patient’s trust and satisfaction in the methods used.

What Are The Methods To Get Informed?

 For any person with the medical knowledge, it is not hard to know all of the terminologies related to the cancer. If you don’t have the medical background, then you must ask questions to your doctor about the disease. You can attend seminars and other health awareness programs. There are written publications that are specially made for the common man to understand the medical condition – reading them can provide you many benefits.

Getting knowledge about the cancer will only help you. Knowing what is happening inside your own body is always beneficial. Not for cancer only, but if you have any disease, you must learn how it affects your body and what are your treatment options. If you already have a better knowledge about any condition than telling what you know to others is your job. With this poor condition of the cancer knowledge in the women, health care workers must also devise a way for easy understanding so that everyone can know what is happening and what their better options are.


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Are You A Vegetarian? This Article Can Make you Happy!

salat tellerWe all have our own choices of eating. Some people are exclusively vegetarian and do not like to take any meat diet at all. It is commonly believed that people who restrict their diet to vegetables only can have many health related issues due to the lack of nutrients.

Many people select this way of eating because of the religious beliefs and some do this because of health related issues, economic and environmental conditions or for providing rights to the animals.

Scientific studies showed that vegetarianism is not that bad. You can take the vegan diet and can also live a healthy life.

Vegetarians Are Slim and Healthy – Mostly:

Vegetarians have lower body mass index as compared with the nonvegetarians. They also feel more active and exercise more. As veggies have good quantities of fibers, they keep the digestive system healthy. Lower body mass index means smart body. Activity levels also increase when body is lean. 1

Veggies Make You Smart – Mentally

 When the relation of vegetarianism and IQ was found, it was seen that eating veggies make you intelligent. Children who are vegetarians have higher IQ scores than non-vegetarians when compared during the study. The scores were better than non-vegetarians even after many years. So eat your vegetables as they make you smart.2

 Vegetable are also Good Protein Source:

There are proteins in the vegetables that are enough to fulfill the proteinous needs of the body. Studies showed that eating vegetables that are rich in proteins protect from wrist fractures. Highest consumption of these veggies means lower risk of fractures. Usually post menopausal women are at higher risk of getting fractures but vegan diet can reduce the risk and improve the bone health. It was seen that postmenopausal vegetarian women have lower chances of getting wrist fractures. 3

Enjoy Fat Free Living:

Studies have shown that people who are vegetarians have lower blood pressure along with reduced cholesterol levels. As the diet is usually free of animal fats, so saturated fat and cholesterol levels decrease. On the other hand, vegetables provide fiber, polyunsaturated fat, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and calcium that are good for health. 4

Things You Must Know As A Vegetarian:

There are some important things that every vegetarian must know. One problem is vegetarian diets reduce iron levels in the body. Iron deficiency in the women leads to menstrual problems. If you consume only vegetables then you need to take dietary supplements to reduce the deficiency. 1 There are studies which have shown that vegetarians go for alternative health practices more too. 1

Dairy products contain a good amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium. There are evidences that show that being a lacto-vegetarian is the highly beneficial option for the vegetarians because it reduces health related risks.5

But remember being a vegetarian makes you eat more. Research has shown that disordered eating attitudes are very common in the vegetarian women than non-vegetarians. 6 So if you find these foods tasty, then you must resist yourself from over-eating because you may develop a potency to eat more when you are a vegetarian.



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Are You “Vitamin D” Deficient? A Must Ask Question!

vitamindVitamin D is very important component that is required by the body for the calcium absorption and bone accretion and growth. It helps in maintaining normal bone mass in adulthood and prevents rickets in kids. Along with these functions, it also protects against hypertension, cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

 Vitamin D deficiency is now considered as a pandemic. Major reason of this deficiency is lack of sun exposure. Sun is the main vitamin D source for many humans. There are very few known foods that have vitamin D naturally. Foods are fortified with vitamin D but their quantities are inadequate.

Studies have shown that even healthy adolescents of US are vitamin D deficient. The deficiency is found to be highest in African American teenagers. It is also seen that deficiency of vitamin D increases in winter season.

How Vitamin D Deficiency Affects The Body?

 A person who is vitamin D deficient may increase his risks of:

  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Cognitive decline
  • Cardiovascular disease


Children who are vitamin D deficient develop rickets which is the defective mineralization of bones.

How to know you are vitamin D deficient?

Mostly, vitamin D deficiency is present with muscle weakness and bone pain but these symptoms are not present every time. But it is important to remember that bone pain can occur due to other health conditions also.

Mainly, if you feel that you are vitamin D deficient, you can go for the blood test.

Normal Vitamin D Quantity:

A blood level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D of 30 ng/mL is needed to maintain good health. When there is no or less sun exposure, minimum of 800–1000 IU vitamin D3 is required to fulfill the daily needs.

National Academy of Sciences recommends that minimum intake of vitamin D per day for the infants of 2 months old and younger should be 400 IU, as the decreased sunlight exposure and low vitamin D intake lead to Rickets. Along with it, the guidelines suggest that the same vitamin D intake should be continued in childhood and adolescence.

Who is at the risk of vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is common in the following people:

Individuals having dark complexion: Melanin is a pigment present in the skin. It is the filter of ultraviolet radiation and also decreases the amount of vitamin D. If you have dark skin color then you require to go into the sun at least four time more than the fair skinned person.

Individuals living indoors: People who do not get sun exposure can also become vitamin D deficient. There are many occupations in which no or low sun exposure is needed like in mine and office workers. People who stay at home are also at the risk.

Individuals who keep themselves covered: Some people covered their bodies with robes when they go outside. This reduces the absorption of vitamin D from the sun.

Elderly people: When a person gets old, skin also ages. The synthesis of the vitamin D gets affected because of skin aging.

Obese Individuals: The fat deposits in the body make the bio-availability of vitamin very difficult.

It is recommended that people must keep their vitamin D levels normal to enjoy a healthy life.

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Eat Slowly To Reduce Weight

eat slowlyWhen the food is on the table, all what we want is to eat it in one bite. Even the best bcaa supplement is no replacement for real food and slow eating. Many of us don’t like to stay on the dining table for long because we have many other things to do in life including exercise. But what we don’t know is that our eating speed can help us lose some extra pounds.

If you eat fast, then there is a bad news for you. You are increasing your chance of weight gain. A study reported that eating fast is the heritable characteristic and not only that but this habit is also associated with greater weight and increased body mass index. 1

Our eating rate directly influences our weight. It has been seen that children having normal weight eats slower than the obese children. Also, lean children tend to slow down at the end of the meal, while obese children don’t. 2

Many studies said that slow eating habits may help in reducing weight. But why is this helpful, only few suggestions we find.

Slower Eating = Faster Satisfaction

Normally we eat till we get satisfied. It has been seen that increasing the meal length is helpful in lowering the meal intake and increasing the satisfaction. With slow eating, stomach gets satisfied in fewer quantities of food than usual. You can try it on your own. Increase your meal length and take the same quantity of food you consume daily. You will see that you feel satisfied before finishing the food on your plate.3

No More Overeating When You Eat Slow

When a person eats at slower rate, there is less chance of overeating because your satiety center feels full. On the other hand, fast eaters overeat most of the time without knowing how much they have eaten already.4

Fast Eating Affects Overall Health Adversely

Fast eating rate in obese person is more dangerous than the normal ones. Increased eating rate is found to be associated with the elevated serum lipids. It also leads to fatty liver and metabolic syndrome. Eating slow improves your overall health but fast eating affects it adversely.5

Slow Eating Means Better Digestion:

The digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth. Our saliva contains digestive enzymes. Eating food at slower speed mixes saliva well with the food that helps in digestion. Healthy digestion means you can enjoy healthy living.

Enjoy Your Food:

When you eat slowly, you can enjoy all the flavors that your food have. It makes you happier too when you enjoy each and every bite. We go for unhealthy food like pizzas, burgers etc mainly because of the taste they offer. There is no fun in eating them fast when you cannot enjoy the real flavor.

Consider it as an Exercise For Your Brain and Mouth:

Slow eating means providing your attention to the details of the food taste, this can be a good and tasty treat for your brain. Slow eating leads to more chewing which can be a healthy exercise for your jaws. Chew your food as much as you can before engulfing it. Also try adding one of the best bcaa supplement aids to your diet.



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Antibiotic Resistance: We All Are Vulnerable

antibioticDiarrhea is a common illness counter by travelers. There are also other diseases that are related to traveling. This is not the trouble here, as treatment of this condition is easy. What is concerning medical experts of the world is the resistance that is becoming common in the bacteria related to this sickness.

Recently, a study was published which again disturbed the medical world. It said that travelers who take antibiotics for the treatment of diarrhea are at increased risk of getting superbugs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that around 10 million travelers of the world develop this condition mostly in the first week of traveling. The problem here is that these people are also contributing to antimicrobial resistance in their country.

Researchers suggest that you should not take antibiotic for the treatment of diarrhea when you are traveling unless the condition is very severe. According to the authors of this research, about 300 million people visit the regions where antibiotic resistance is a major risk and then these individuals return to their own country with superbugs. 1
World Health Organization reports that antimicrobial resistance is now a serious threat. No region of the world is safe. Antibiotic resistance means microbe has developed a resistance so no antibiotic can affect it. Antibiotics are considered as medical pillars which allow us to have a better and healthy life. Without these modern medicines, curing a simple disease can become a big problem.2
It has been found that greater use of antibiotic in the region increases the chance of antimicrobial resistance. 3 Other than bacteria of diarrhea, causative agents of bloodstream infections, gonorrhea, urinary tract infections and pneumonia are developing resistance against our modern medicines.

How You Can Play the Role to Save the World?

Antibiotic resistance is the problem for the whole world. If microbes get the power against all treatment options than a simple wound can lead to a great big medical emergency.

Nip the Evil in the Bud

WHO suggests that preventing the infection at the initial stage can reduce the use of antibiotics. To do this, stay clean and take care of hygiene. Eating healthy will also help.

Don’t Use Antibiotics on your Own:

Only use antibiotics when your doctor recommends. Never share your antibiotics with any other person even if you feel that the person has same disease as yours and don’t use previous leftover prescriptions.

Complete the Full Prescription Course:

It is important that antibiotics should be taken for the whole time your doctor has recommended. Leaving the course in between is totally forbidden. Take the medicine even after you feel better.

Role of a Doctor:

For doctors, it is highly important that they only prescribe antibiotics when they are extremely necessary. It is also a necessity that only the right antibiotic is prescribed. Health workers should work to prevent and control the infection. 2

Antibiotic resistance of the infectious agents is a threat to whole humanity. It has become a worldwide problem. We must perform our part very carefully if we don’t want our future generation to die of a mild fever.


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